Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stairway to Trippin'

Those of you who frequent Big Vanilla, what do you think about the new stairs they installed from the cafe down to the main exercise floor? They have replaced the old carpeted ones with a blue rubber covered set of steps that look sort of like soft blue Legos. I was pleased to see that they were redoing the old ones since they always felt kind of shallow and steep, but I'm not so sure the result is an improvement. While they are deeper with better traction, it feels like they are slanted downhill a bit, and they're pretty lumpy bumpy (beyond the Lego bumps that are intentionally part of the tread).

When I'm walking down them, I feel a bit out of control as a result of the downhill slant and the uneven surface. A set of funhouse stairs always comes to mind, shifting back and forth underfoot. I breathe a little sigh of relief at the bottom that I did not perform a classic Chevy Chase staircase fall (see video at end of post).

When going back up the stairs after a workout, that downward slant requires just a little more effort slogging up them when legs are shaky anyway. The effect is kind of like walking on sand - where the ground gives some beneath the feet, forcing you to work a little harder. Maybe that was the idea. It is a health club after all. Kind of a bosu ball effect?

Funhouse stairs - new workout trend?

Just curious if I'm the only one that is having a little trouble negotiating them. Maybe it's just my general state of unsteadiness that makes them ever so slightly challenging. I get the feeling when I'm on them that I'm trippin' - in more ways than one! Anybody else get a little buzz from Big V's new Stairway to Trippin'?

What they were going for.

What they got (OK, maybe it's just me).

Classic Chevy Chase playing Gerald Ford tripping and falling down stairs. The video quality is terrible, and there are subtitles in a language that I cannot identify, but I couldn't find another version of it online. Skip forward to 3:00 to get to the start of the stair trippin' hilarity. The part where he does the falling is a better quality part of the clip - slapstick at its best.

Saturday Night Live - Kissinger visits Ford -... by ClassicPL

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