Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bay Bridge Chill

My new friend, Louise, sent me this excellent photo that she took of the Bay Bridge.  It makes me shiver just looking at it!  Notice the slushy ice on the surface of the Bay, the gray sky and those bare trees on the other side.  I love the cool, winter chill with the bright green and red lane markers popping out on the bridge.  Very nice!  This is one of the few shots of the Bay Bridge that I've seen from the Eastern side looking back.

My mother-in-law and several other members of my husband's family live in the Bethany Beach, DE area, so we make the trip to the Eastern Shore pretty frequently.  We always know when we get to this point of the drive - approaching the Bay Bridge - that we're as good as home.  It's great to know that Cape St. Claire is right on the other side one exit away.

If anyone else has a picture of the area that they would like me to post, feel free to send it to  If you don't want it to be copied or used by anyone else without permission, then send it with a watermark, or I can add one if you like.

Thanks Louise!

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Louise Z. said...

It's nice to look at the bridge from afar but boy when it gets backed up I hate it. I don't know who's managing the bridge, but we go over the bridge frequently and it's a nightmare. Our children live just on the other side which is a less than 15 minute ride with no backups which can turn into a 1/2 hour or more ride when just one lane is closed for repairs, accidents, or what-have you!