Friday, September 10, 2010

Navy Home Opener!!!

If anybody's looking for a weekend event, you don't need to go any further than Rowe Blvd. on Saturday afternoon.  It's college football season, and our hometown team plays just across the Severn.  Navy had a rough time on Labor Day against Maryland, but they will play at home for the first time this year tomorrow at 3:30 against Georgia Southern, and I'm expecting a different result.

The Midshipmen will march into a Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium that has seen some improvements during the off season.   A new tower has been added atop the East side of the stadium that houses four new suites and more importantly camera crews who will now be able to broadcast games with the Midshipmen in the picture.  It's only fitting that the pride and joy of Annapolis, who by tradition attend every football game and have to do pushups for every point Navy scores, should be in the picture for the nation to see (well, they might not see tomorrow with Georgia Southern for an opponent).

Putting the Final Touches on the New East Tower

Navy Flags Flying on Main St.

With a sunny day forecast for tomorrow, there's no excuse to sit home and watch it on TV.  Tickets are available online at:  (you can print them at home or pick them up at the stadium)

Navy Home Single Game Tickets

Tickets cost $33 for reserved seating, $20 for the grass hill seats in the North endzone for adults and $12 for kids.  If you've never been in the stadium or haven't been there in the last five years, they've really fixed the place up.  It was totally renovated and then rededicated in 2005.  It's a great looking stadium.  Get there early to watch the Middies march on the field before taking their seats and to see the low-level flyby of the stadium.  Very cool!

Oh, and check out Bill Wagner's Navy Sports Blog post on below for information about a special guest at tomorrow's game!

Georgia Southern Mascot to Make First Road Trip

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