Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red Skies at Night...

Did everyone get a load of that sunset last night?  Wow!  Spectacular.  We sure needed the rain, and the remnants of the exiting weather system provided us with a technicolor sky.  I almost wrecked my car trying to soak it in when I was picking up Henry from soccer.  I rushed home to get a picture before it ended, but my point and shoot didn't do it justice.  Actually, my Motorola Droid did a better job.

Sunset over Deep Creek 9/28

BIG rain and wind are on the way tomorrow in the form of Tropical Depression 16, so make sure your drains are clear and loose items are stowed.  Maybe we'll get another lovely sunset once the storm has passed (Tropical Depression 16 sounds like some kind of jungle mental illness diagnosis...).

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Anonymous said...

Love the color. From one Cape photographer to another---- great photo!