Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strawberry Festival From Land and Sea

I somehow managed to miss the Strawberry Festival Parade, despite planning to be there 20 minutes in advance. I don't know where I got the idea that it started at 10:30. As we pulled into the shopping center parking lot at 10:10 to get a prime spot, my daughter, ever observant, noted that the road was littered with candy, and the fire truck that usually brings up the rear of the parade was already passing by. I wish I could share with you the look of disgust on my kids' faces. "Really, Mom?". Ah well, if you blink, you miss the Strawberry Festival Parade, anyway. I love our home town parade, but the Rose Bowl Parade, it's not. We will be on time next year (queue the kids' eye rolls).

As for this year, we parked the car in front of True Value and followed the tail of the parade down to the Festival on foot. I told the kids that instead of watching the parade, we would actually be in the extended parade. That might have worked on them as toddlers, but my big kids didn't buy it.

Once we got to the park, we checked out the festivities and said hello to all the folks manning this booth and that. We also enjoyed the music set by our friend Dirk Schwenk and his band (sounded great!). It was pretty darned muggy, so after grabbing a yummy strawberry shortcake and placing a silent auction bid on a cute beach cruiser bike in the clubhouse, we headed back up Cape St. Claire Rd. to the shopping center.

Here are some pictures from our day. The first ones are from our time at the Festival on land. The latter ones are from the water, courtesy of an evening boat cruise along the Main Beach and into the Little Magothy. No thunderstorms. No cold weather. No sunburn. Lots of sun, friends, music, food, drinks, games, crafts, dogs, and princesses. I call that a fine day at our fine Strawberry Festival. Post your photos on the Cape Blogger Facebook page and let me know your favorite part of the day.

Flower made from plastic bottles.

SPCA cutie looking for a home.

Girl scouts paired up with SPCA.
My daughter is not a scout, but
she has some lovely friends who are!

Dirk Schwenk

Schwenk and Band

Sodas for Sailing

Me in the Beer Garden

Festival Fun

Henry's Tattoo

My Bike (didn't get a call that I won...)

The Reason for the Revelry

Hazy Crazy Main Beach

Cotton Candy!

Kids Enjoying the Water

Strawberry Festival From the Water

Makeshift High Dive
(Cape kids are smart enough to jump feet first!)

I am not condoning this but looks like fun!

"Hey Mrs. Roberts, where's Henry?!"
Missing all the fun, apparently!

Little Magothy Entrance/Water Park

Hey, are those water toys?

Where did the kids go?
Somebody must have run them off.

Me and Laika - my Berry Favorite Dog


Nels Cross said...

Great Photo's Christy.

Christy said...

Thanks! I love the one's from the water. It's what the Strawberry Festival is all about - good old fashioned fun. :)