Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Happened to May?

Is it me, or does it feel like we leapfrogged over May straight into full-on summer? The weather went from cool, rainy, and windy to Africa-hot in what seems like a matter of days. We could have used a few more of the lovely mild temperatures that we enjoyed here and there. I can hardly remember them now. The cancellation of the Blue Angels just added to the sense that May didn't happen. Now it's June 1st, and I couldn't tell you where May went.

Thankfully, the Cape pool opened this past weekend. Even more thankfully, my kids are now old enough to drop off on their own with a friend or two. The crowds and the prospect of putting on a bathing suit did not appeal to ME especially, but I was desperate to get the kids out of their PJs and away from their video games. My son was eager to go. He loves playing dodge ball in the volleyball pit. My daughter was less enthused, but got interested when her girlfriends invited her.

I actually considered leasing our membership this season because we haven't been using the pool a lot in the past couple of years. When the kids were little, we spent much of our free summer hours at the pool, but their interest has waned some as it has become less and less cool to frolic with Mommy. I held on to the membership this year in hopes that maybe with their increasing freedom to come and go on their own, they would choose to use the pool without me schlepping along. This past weekend was a trial run, and I hope it is a sign of things to come. They both enjoyed the better part of their day hanging out with friends poolside. I enjoyed the better part of mine cleaning out my closet.

The heat has also put a dent in my exercise routine. I'm having to confine any running to mornings and evenings or risk falling out in the street with heat stroke. I did loops through Atlantis yesterday evening on whatever side of the street was shady. My mistake was running after the holiday weekend. All the trash that was put out for the regular Tuesday pickup sat out in the 90+ degree heat all day since the collectors weren't coming until Wednesday. Holy cow, that was some smelly post-holiday trash. If the heat didn't do me in, the smell almost did. For the record, Atlantis trash stinks just as bad as Cape trash.

I hope all of you are finding ways to beat the heat. I think the worst of it is about to break. This weekend is looking much more manageable. Fingers crossed that the highs stay under 90 for the June 11th Main Beach festivities the following weekend. I can remember a Strawberry Festival or two with cold, rainy and foggy weather. Let's shoot for conditions somewhere comfortably between that and Africa-hot (got that weatherman...).

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