Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Boys - and Girls - are Back in Town...

I was down on Main St., Annapolis this afternoon buying a new pair of running shoes - baby steps towards getting back to running in big new size 11 shoes (for the record, I'm a size 10, but losing a nail or two has taught me that running shoes need to be a size up!). I also wanted to check out a shop that is going out of business to see if they had any good deals - knock off a few Xmas gifts ahead of schedule.  No luck on the latter.

At any rate, while that particular shop wasn't doing great business, Main St. as a whole was CRAWLING with people. The nice weather brought folks out of the woodwork, and there were lines out the doors of the ice cream shops. Most noticeable of all were the swarms of Midshipmen out and about. Classes started for them, too, this past week, and it's great to have them back in town. They always look so sharp in their white uniforms, but they are especially glowing the first week of classes. It's yet another of my favorite things about living in this town - bright men and women in perfectly pressed, pristine duds.

Cape St. Claire has strong ties to the Naval Academy. We have people in the community who graduated from the Academy and stayed in or returned to the area to work and raise their families. We also have neighbors who work or teach at the Naval Academy. Several of my kids' coaches and music teachers have been Navy grads, and the campus offers a slew of great summer camps for kids of all ages. It's no small accomplishment to get through four years of training and coursework at the US Naval Academy. It's a test of solid character, and we are fortunate to have many of the folks who attended the Academy choose Cape St. Claire as their home.

Welcome back to our boys and girls in white. Good luck with the year ahead. GO NAVY!

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