Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cool Bag

My best friend, Helen, from CA (same friend from cupcake post) came to see me this summer and brought me this great tote as a gift. It has been my goto bag ever since. Very cute, but more importantly, very functional. It's lightweight, waterproof, and made from environmentally friendly materials (I can always count on my CA friend for that!).

It's a Scout bag made by Bungalow Co. You can recognize them by the puppy dog logo (Dachshund?). I got a coupon magazine in the mail this week (The Best of Broadneck) that had a Whimsicality coupon - 20% off one item - and the ad featured Scout bags. If you got the same magazine and are looking for a cool tote - for you or a gift - you should pick one up. I'm not sure how much they cost. If they're crazy expensive, then I have a very good friend, and you can use your coupon for something else.

For the guys who have read this far, there is a coupon in the same magazine for 10% off beer at Port Tack.  Not that guys don't like a cute bag and girls don't like beer.  Whatever floats your boat.  If you guys are really on the ball, you'll go buy that cute bag for your girl and put it away until the holidays.

I hope the picture comes through OK. I'm out fishing with my husband on the Bay. He enticed me to come along with, "You can blog on the iPad while I pull lines!" I appreciate his desire for my company and his support for my current obsession with blogging, but the reality is a poor signal out here off of Rock Hall and a glare from the afternoon sun that prevents me from seeing the screen and instead reflects my wrinkly neck (can you Botox your neck? kidding). As it turns out, the iPad, which I adore, is not a great tool for blogging with Blogger. I've resorted to my Droid. It was a challenge getting the picture with the boat rocking.

It's actually lovely out here now that the sun is getting lower in the sky. Time to stop blogging and enjoy the sunset...
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