Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Magothy Tide Chart

I've added a page to Cape Blogger with a 2-day tide chart for the Magothy - specifically Mountain Point, which by my best Google Earth calculation is at the southern tip of Gibson Island (as in, the end of Mountain Road, I guess) - right at the mouth of the Magothy.  Some on-the-ball company in Kaikoura, New Zealand called OceanFun Publishing provides this free version of their graphic tide charts, among others.  I have to give credit to the Yacht Club of Cape St. Claire for this cool link.  I shamelessly borrowed from their good find.  I've been unsuccessfully searching for local tide table code and was happy to stumble onto this source - literally at the ends of the earth.  It looks like the image below:

Mountain Point

I may tweak it cosmetically if I can figure out how to do it, but the information is accurate, down to the moon phases, and moon and sun rise/set.  You can click around it to get interactive details at a given time, and it can be advanced into the future.  Awesome!  Now I can add Kaikoura to the list of places I'd really like to visit one day!

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