Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Suicidal Leaves

I made the monumental miscalculation of doing a full-yard leaf raking on Monday.  It was a multi-pronged approach involving a leaf blower/vacuum, lawn mower, and good old rake.  I am still sore from the effort, but my yard is NOT still leaf free.  It looked tidy for all of 48 hours.  Last night, the season earned its name when a mighty wind blew through, stripping the trees of the vast majority of their foliage.  The photos below show before and after pictures of the trees in my yard taken 48 hours apart.

Before                                  After

Before                                   After

I wasn't naive enough to think that more leaves were not on the way, but come on now - all at once?  This time, I would have been correct to procrastinate.  The clip below demonstrates pretty closely how the leaves came down overnight (jump ahead to the 49 second mark to skip the leaf family suicide and go straight to the mass defoliation).

My motivation to get the leaves up was company headed this way at the end of the week.  I knew it was supposed to rain Tuesday and that Monday would be my only opportunity before they arrived.  Ah well, I will have to go with the seasonal look.  If this wind keeps up, maybe most of the leaves will blow over the edge of the yard anyway.  On a more positive note, my view has improved dramatically.  I am just beginning to get a peak of the end of Deep Creek out my kitchen window...


Unknown said...

Hi Christy,

Some of those leaves have probably migrated from our yard...sorry! It is kinda crazy how many have some down since Glenn cleared them on Sat.


Christy said...

No Cindi - I think the wind was actually blowing in the other direction this time! There were plenty of leaves coming from all directions!